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Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is remembering loved ones who died in traffic incidents. Create a team and run/walk virtually in solidarity with families across the country.  

Remember to select the Conor Lynch Foundation as your team during the registration process.


If you can't participate but want to support the work we do just click on the Donate/Contribute button and select the Conor Lynch Foundation.

Conor Lynch


Your generous contribution goes directly into new and existing programs that raise awareness and promote safety for pedestrians, runners, cyclists and young drivers. Donations are Tax Deductible.

We have several secure payment options, including PayPal.

The Conor Lynch Foundation has been established to support new and existing programs that raise awareness and promote the safety of runners, pedestrians, cyclists and young drivers. We do not stop at what are considered typical distractions like texting, eating, using your phone or interacting with passengers.  In our opinion, anything that takes your eyes off the road, challenges your cognitive abilities and slows reaction times, is a distraction and a danger.  We believe supporting organizations that promote the safety of runners, pedestrians, cyclists and all drivers is the best way to reach the ultimate goal of Super Safe Streets.

Join us in Conor's Cafe, a neighborhood place filled with like people who have all been touched one way or another by distracted driving.

Our Beloved Angels

Gone Too Soon…
NEVER Forgotten


Their lives continue to matter and every day they help us in our mission to stop this epidemic. 

We honor every single
one of you. 


Fly Free Sweet Angels

Rest In Paradise



Please contact us here to have a loved one included.



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