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Vintage Cars and Beautiful People: Downtown Burbank Car Classic

I Love My 1952 Chevy!!! It was never something I dreamed of owning, but today, with it being included in the Downtown Burbank Car Classic event, it was a very proud and happy moment. What a great group of car enthusiasts taking in every inch of these beautifully restored classics. Many were on display from the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Television Motion Picture Car Club, and custom cars from the World Famous West Coast Customs. They really are pieces of art! Thank you for including my precious DeLuxe!!

After Conor died I was with Riley at a Rugby tournament in Riverside (say that 3x fast!), and while riding my bike waiting for the game to start, I noticed this car out on the front lawn with a for sale sign. Well I got it into my head that we needed something that would be fun and it definitely looked like fun! So I bought it...We drove it home and started making renovations. Every time we drove it somebody would give us the thumbs up, fun indeed!! I would surprise the boys and pick them up at Notre Dame. Riley loved it, Parker would hide in the backseat. We use it for events and other car shows but one of the most important things is that every time you drive a car like this, it reminds you that the only thing you can possibly think about is driving. You wouldn't think to reach over for a phone, you wouldn't think to reach down for a water bottle, because you have to concentrate on the task at hand. No power steering and no power brakes, let alone power windows! You actually have to lean over to roll the window down...imagine!! Nothing is automated and it reminds you that the most important thing you can do while driving is drive! It's a labor of love...For our Angel Conor.

For more photos go to my Facebook page. Anyone feel like cruising up Pacific Coast Highway??!!!

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